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Arduino Based USB Paper Gesture Mouse

Advert. I have always been pretty amazed by the Capacitive sensor library of Arduino, It makes me feel like a super human, I can make any non conductive material to act like a touch enabled controller for various use cases, So here I thought of controlling my PC with the power of Capacitive Sensors and build a mouse using an Arduino Pro Micro and some home built Capacitive Sensors and.. Read More


Temp File Deleter | Jugadu Software

Advert. Delete Temporary files using Notepad. Hello Jugadu people, In this jugadu tutorial we are going to make a SuuuuuPER easy and SUPERĀ simple Temporary file deleting program using Notepad. STEP 1: Download the zip fileĀ From Here. OR Copy the code below and paste it in your Notepad and save the file as “TempDeleter.bat” @echo off mode con cols=150 echo . echo echo dddddddd echo JJJJJJJJJJJ d::::::d iiii echo J:::::::::J d::::::d.. Read More

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