Know the latest Jugads (Life Hacks) to make your life easiest as possible.

Play Pokémon Go in landscape mode.

Advert. You’ve been playing Pokémon Go in the potrait orientation of your phone, Now with this Jugad you can play Pokémon Go in the landscape mode also. STEP 1: Rotate your phone in Landscape orientation, Open Pokémon Go and Click on the Pokeball at the bottom of the screen.   STEP 2: Go to Settings in the Pokémon go app.   STEP 3: Click on Report high priority Bug.  .. Read More


Download and play Pokémon Go in India!

Advert. Recently everyone’s dream of becoming a Pokemon master came to be true with the release of Pokémon Go. Sadly the game was officially only launched in 3 countries- U.S.A Australia Newzeland But here’s the jugad to download Pokémon Go in India on your iPhone. STEP 1: Change your iPhone region to Australia. Go to Settings > General. Go to Language and Regions. Advert. Select your Region to Australia. STEP.. Read More


Increase your iPhone storage without deleting your data.

Advert. Are you also sick of your iPhone’s storage getting full and everytime You have to delete your pictures and Apps that you wanted to keep? Try this awesome and easy Jugad to free tons of storage from your iPhone.   STEP1 :  Go to iTunes Store. Go to iTunes Store > Search “Lord of the rings: Two towers” > Click on the film.   STEP2 : Click on Rent. Click on.. Read More


Make Snapchat videos hands free.

Advert. Are you too sick of pressing the capture button while making a snapchat video?? Then here’s a Jugad for it. Say bye to all the Mess  of Snapchat Long Press. Advert. Note: this Jugad is for iPhone users. STEP 1:  setting up the Jugad. Open settings. Scroll down and Go To General. Scroll down to Accessibility. Go to Assistive touch Enable Assistive touch. Then click on “Create New Gesture”. Now press.. Read More


Bottle Cap Smartphone Stand.

Advert. Want a phone stand watching a recipe video while cooking? So go and make your very own Jugadu Smartphone Stand in few minutes. Material Required: A plastic bottle Cap from an old cola bottle. Tools Required: Sharp paper cutter or blade (or be jugadu and use a sharp kitchen knife or scissors). Sand paper / Filer (or be jugadu and use the Nail Filer from your moms drawer).   STEP.. Read More

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