we need is an app called “Fly GPS” from Google Play store to enable a joystick in the Pokemon Go.
*Do note that you need Marshmallow android version on your device to use the app. There is no need for rooting required for it.* dahh…
#1.Download the “Fly Gps” from Playstore.
Go to the device Settings-Developer Options. If you can’t see it in the Settings,then it’s locked. You can unlock it by tapping on Build Number few times.(7 times in samsung)
#2. Now you have to enable mock locations. Look for the Select mock location app and select Fly GPS from the list.(coz only 6.1 version+ have this option)
#3. Turn on the device Gps and open the “Fly Gps” app.
#4. Tap on your desired location on the map. (Do not select locations outside of your city,You will get banned.)
#5. Tap the Please select the menu and it gonna show some options.you have to
:- GPS service run-> Joystick location mode(Pokemon)
Now it’s time to play Pokemon Go Joystick. Open the game & You can see a Joystick on the screen. You can now move around the map with the joystick. No wall can stop you! good luck and cya guys this is forever_3vil at your service


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