So we all know that we that if there are Pokémon, there is something from which they come too! And that thing is Pokémon  eggs.

We all can find Pokémon  eggs from our PokeStop



As we all know that’s how a PokeStop looks like. All we have to do is to go near it and spin it. This reward us various things  like balls potions and most importantly  eggs.

New Pokémon can be discovered by searching populated locations, or by hatching them from eggs, and that’s what we need!

Players are given an egg incubator that has unlimited uses. These are used to incubate eggs while we walk… but that’s too main stream.

The player must be moving at a walking pace, or close to it, in order for the egg to hatch. Some players have found that biking, skating, and skateboarding will work as well.

LIstanbul of Pokémon and the time to hatch
List  of Pokémon and the time to hatch

So here are few great tips which can save your life and time in these hot and sweaty summer days.

#1. Little propeller


Built a Pokemon incubator using just a rubber band and a ceiling fan. This little trick saves you from physically leaving the house, but the process is still painstakingly slow: The time-lapse spin in the video results in about 0.01 km of progress, 0.5 % of the required 2 km. You need to spin your phone for over two hours until the little fellow hatches.

Attach your phone to a table fan’s  blade with a rubber band or a normal ceiling fan and and turn it ON to the most slowest  mode  and voila!  You are done!!

#2. Good old microwave

if you put your phone on top of a turntable, it will think you’re walking in circles — without you having to physically move a muscle, like the table of microwave! !

Well  thanks for reading and let us know that if you tried these hacks and share it with your friends!


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