Know the latest Jugads (Life Hacks) to make your life easiest as possible.

#BeingJugadu 10 Jugads to prove Indians can be the most exciting life hackers.

We Indians are all about Life Hacks or Jugads to be specific. #BeingJugadu is in our blood, Everyday we come across numerous Jugads that we see around us, where some of them being so brilliant and exuberant to see that we wish were available to buy off the shelf and here we present you a list of 10 such Jugads that You can also use in your daily life to.. Read More

Easy way to solve your Math Homework.

Do you find your Math Homework difficult? (Actually who doesn’t :p) There is an app Photo Math It provides you a step by step solution for all your Math problems just by scanning it using your phone’s camera. It’s just amazing. You can download there App for both iPhone and Android. Here is a video to describe how it works. Please follow and like us:0

How to get rid of sun-burnt tanning

Hey guys it’s Jatin and here I am to give some useful desi jugad to get rid of sun burnt and it is only going to be short because its an extremely easy and effective method to removing a painful sunburn. You will need need things. #1.A bathtub to do this.( or any bucket typo thing) #2.A mug #3.A rag that you don’t mind getting stained coz it gonna be.. Read More

Repair your worn off Footwear sole.

Repair your worn off Footwear. Are your Footwear sole worn off and have lost the friction? Here is a Jugad for you to get back the friction and bond with the earth. STEP 1: Clean the Sole of your Footwear thoroughly. First clean the sole of your Footwear with a dry cloth and then with a wet cloth to make sure there is no dust or debris left on the.. Read More

Play Pokémon Go in landscape mode.

You’ve been playing Pokémon Go in the potrait orientation of your phone, Now with this Jugad you can play Pokémon Go in the landscape mode also. STEP 1: Rotate your phone in Landscape orientation, Open Pokémon Go and Click on the Pokeball at the bottom of the screen.   STEP 2: Go to Settings in the Pokémon go app.   STEP 3: Click on Report high priority Bug.   STEP.. Read More

How to collect and hatch Pokémon eggs in the most jugadu way

  So we all know that we that if there are Pokémon, there is something from which they come too! And that thing is Pokémon  eggs. We all can find Pokémon  eggs from our PokeStop   As we all know that’s how a PokeStop looks like. All we have to do is to go near it and spin it. This reward us various things  like balls potions and most importantly.. Read More

Bottle Cap Smartphone Stand.

Want a phone stand watching a recipe video while cooking? So go and make your very own Jugadu Smartphone Stand in few minutes. Material Required: A plastic bottle Cap from an old cola bottle. Tools Required: Sharp paper cutter or blade (or be jugadu and use a sharp kitchen knife or scissors). Sand paper / Filer (or be jugadu and use the Nail Filer from your moms drawer).   STEP 1:.. Read More

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