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14 interesting Jugads found on Pinterest that are actually very useful.

We found some very cool and interesting Jugads/Life Hacks on Pinterest and we couldn’t resist sharing some of these with you. Here are 14 clever Jugads found on Pinterest that are actually very useful. #1 Lilo & Stitch I miss you! Source:¬† Please follow and like us:0

#BeingJugadu 10 Jugads to prove Indians can be the most exciting life hackers.

We Indians are all about Life Hacks or Jugads to be specific. #BeingJugadu is in our blood, Everyday we come across numerous Jugads that we see around us, where some of them being so brilliant and exuberant to see that we wish were available to buy off the shelf and here we present you a list of 10 such Jugads that You can also use in your daily life to.. Read More

How to get rid of sun-burnt tanning

Hey guys it’s Jatin and here I am to give some useful desi jugad to get rid of sun burnt and it is only going to be short because its an extremely easy and effective method to removing a painful sunburn. You will need need things. #1.A bathtub to do this.( or any bucket typo thing) #2.A mug #3.A rag that you don’t mind getting stained coz it gonna be.. Read More

Repair your worn off Footwear sole.

Repair your worn off Footwear. Are your Footwear sole worn off and have lost the friction? Here is a Jugad for you to get back the friction and bond with the earth. STEP 1: Clean the Sole of your Footwear thoroughly. First clean the sole of your Footwear with a dry cloth and then with a wet cloth to make sure there is no dust or debris left on the.. Read More

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