Delete Temporary files using Notepad.

Hello Jugadu people,

In this jugadu tutorial we are going to make a SuuuuuPER easy and SUPER simple Temporary file deleting program using Notepad.


Download the zip file From Here.


Copy the code below and paste it in your Notepad and save the file as “TempDeleter.bat”

@echo off
mode con cols=150
echo .
echo dddddddd 
echo JJJJJJJJJJJ d::::::d iiii 
echo J:::::::::J d::::::d i::::i 
echo J:::::::::J d::::::d iiii 
echo JJ:::::::JJ d:::::d 
echo J:::::Juuuuuu uuuuuu ggggggggg ggggg aaaaaaaaaaaaa ddddddddd:::::d uuuuuu uuuuuu iiiiiii nnnn nnnnnnnn 
echo J:::::Ju::::u u::::u g:::::::::ggg::::g a::::::::::::a dd::::::::::::::d u::::u u::::u i:::::i n:::nn::::::::nn 
echo J:::::Ju::::u u::::u g:::::::::::::::::g aaaaaaaaa:::::a d::::::::::::::::d u::::u u::::u i::::i n::::::::::::::nn 
echo J:::::ju::::u u::::u g::::::ggggg::::::gg a::::ad:::::::ddddd:::::d u::::u u::::u i::::i nn:::::::::::::::n
echo J:::::Ju::::u u::::u g:::::g g:::::g aaaaaaa:::::ad::::::d d:::::d u::::u u::::u i::::i n:::::nnnn:::::n
echo JJJJJJJ J:::::Ju::::u u::::u g:::::g g:::::g aa::::::::::::ad:::::d d:::::d u::::u u::::u i::::i n::::n n::::n
echo J:::::J J:::::Ju::::u u::::u g:::::g g:::::g a::::aaaa::::::ad:::::d d:::::d u::::u u::::u i::::i n::::n n::::n
echo J::::::J J::::::Ju:::::uuuu:::::u g::::::g g:::::ga::::a a:::::ad:::::d d:::::d u:::::uuuu:::::u i::::i n::::n n::::n
echo J:::::::JJJ:::::::Ju:::::::::::::::uug:::::::ggggg:::::ga::::a a:::::ad::::::ddddd::::::ddu:::::::::::::::uu i::::::i n::::n n::::n
echo JJ:::::::::::::JJ u:::::::::::::::u g::::::::::::::::ga:::::aaaa::::::a d:::::::::::::::::d u:::::::::::::::u ...... i::::::i n::::n n::::n
echo JJ:::::::::JJ uu::::::::uu:::u gg::::::::::::::g a::::::::::aa:::a d:::::::::ddd::::d uu::::::::uu:::u .::::. i::::::i n::::n n::::n
echo JJJJJJJJJ uuuuuuuu uuuu gggggggg::::::g aaaaaaaaaa aaaa ddddddddd ddddd uuuuuuuu uuuu ...... iiiiiiii nnnnnn nnnnnn
echo g:::::g 
echo gggggg g:::::g 
echo g:::::gg gg:::::g 
echo g::::::ggg:::::::g 
echo gg:::::::::::::g 
echo ggg::::::ggg 
echo gggggg 
echo .
echo Welcome to temp file deleter!
echo press any key to start deleting temp files...
@echo on
rd /s /q %temp%
mkdir %temp%
rd /s /q c:\windows\temp\
mkdir c:\windows\temp\
@echo off
ping -n 1 -w 60000>nul
goto delete


Run the .BAT file as Administrator.

and follow the steps in the Batch program.


Thank you very much hope you guys enjoyed.

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