Want a phone stand watching a recipe video while cooking? So go and make your very own

Jugadu Smartphone Stand in few minutes.

Material Required:

  • A plastic bottle Cap from an old cola bottle.

Tools Required:

  • Sharp paper cutter or blade (or be jugadu and use a sharp kitchen knife or scissors).
  • Sand paper / Filer (or be jugadu and use the Nail Filer from your moms drawer).


STEP 1:  Grabbing the components.

Grab a Plastic soft drink bottle and remove its cap for using it as our main and only component.

Take A plastic bottle cap.
Take A plastic bottle cap.

STEP 2:  Marking the layout.

Mark layout lines on the bottle cap diagonally on two sides of the cap parallel to each other measuring the width of the device.

Plan the layout of the lines.
Plan the layout of the lines.
marking layout
Marking Layouts

IMG_1816 IMG_1813

Marking layouts
Marking layouts


STEP 3:  Cutting Through The Lines.

Now cut through the lines using paper cutter / blade / knife. For video Click Here.


STEP 4:  Finishing(optional).


For giving a smooth look use a filer or the Nail filer you picked from your mother’s drawer.


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