Are you tired of people breaking your trust and sneaking through your phone and peeping into your WhatsApp messages just because you gave them your phone to click a picture or maybe just to let them make a call? Or maybe you are a CEO or a business owner and your WhatsApp chats worth more than gold. So Worry no more! WhatsApp is here with it’s cool new feature which they rolled out with the new update released on 4th Feb 2019 that will prevent someone from taking your phone and reading your messages with help of Touch ID or Face ID on your iPhone. You can use the steps mentioned below to enable this new feature.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp.

Open your WhatsApp app on your iPhone and Browse to your Settings tab.


Step 2: Go to “Account”.


Step 3: Go to “Privacy”.


Step 4: Go to “Screen Lock”.




Step 5: Enable “Require Face ID” or “Touch ID”.

And there you go… All your chats are now safe from those filthy sniffers out there trying to steal your private messages.

But this feature for now is available only to iOS users and android users might have to wait a little while for this feature in their phones.

This feature is available on iPhone 5s or later and on iOS 9 and above. If you don’t find this feature on your phone then maybe you need to update your WhatsApp to the latest version from App store.


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